About Us (Original)

As a group of lovers who want to have their unique bedroom and are keen on bedding, We found that most of the products on the market could not meet our requirements. Most home textile products but simple White or gray, and the printing and dyeing process of many duvet covers cannot satisfy us.
Jollyvogue was born in 2021 as an online platform to support everyone's individual needs and provide healthy and diverse home textile products. We always go for refined producing processes and strict quality inspections.


Decorate your room

At Jollyvogue, you can create your room style, no matter what theme you want, we have the right custom products to meet your needs, You can choose the color you like and match the duvet cover with the corresponding duvet cover, or match the bedding after determining the style of the room.


Art exhibition

Exquisite works of art don't have to be hung on the wall, they can also appear on your duvet cover, your blanket, your pillowcase... You can display any works you like, artist's illustrations, your works, and favorite landscape photos in your bedroom in a different way. Flat pictures tend to be more visually appealing, Great for showing your taste.


Variety of options

If you are not sure what style you like, we provide you with a variety of choices, from festivals to gifts, a variety of themes, everything, you can easily find your favorite home products. We also provide custom design duvet covers, blankets, and pillowcases, including king/queen/twin sizes.


Delicate pattern

We have adopted the most advanced printing and dyeing technology, which can keep the graphic delicate and bright after multiple times washing, and will not fade, you can keep it for a long time without worrying about deterioration.


Our Promise

At Jollyvogue We know those home textile products are not just a quilt or a blanket for you, but your love of life and the love of your family.  Our customer service team is trained to offer professional, compassionate, and personalized advice to every shopper. Jollyvogue is always on your side.

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