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Music Tesla Coil-Bluetooth Speaker

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A unique device that combines the science of Tesla coils with the art of music.

Experience the magic of science with this innovative music Tesla device! With the ability to wirelessly transmit music and create a mesmerizing light show, it's the perfect teaching tool to spark students' interest in science.

Not only is it great for educational purposes, but it's also a fantastic gift for any science enthusiast.

This device is perfect for conducting wireless transmission experiments, including high-voltage lightning demonstrations and insulators to withstand voltage tests. It even has a circuit protection design to prevent damage to your input device and ensure high-quality music playback.

The Music Tesla is safe to use and delivers high-quality sound. Plus, its BT connection makes it convenient and easy to connect to other devices.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to bring science to life in a fun and interactive way!


  1. Gather all necessary equipment, Electron Tesla Coil, power cords, and adapters.

  2. Set up the Electron Tesla Coil. Follow the specific instructions provided with your device to properly assemble and set up the coil. This includes attaching the needles and connecting the power supply.

  3. Once assembled and connected to a power source, you can test the Electron Tesla Coil by turning it on and observing the sparks or discharges produced.

  4. Adjust the output. If the output of the Electron Tesla Coil is not to your desired level, you may adjust it by tweaking the settings of the device. 

  5. Use the Electron Tesla Coil for experimentation or demonstration. Depending on your specific goals, you can use the Electron Tesla Coil to conduct experiments.

*Remember to use caution when handling and operating the Electron Tesla Coil, as it produces high-voltage electrical discharges that can be dangerous if not handled properly, and do not use it continuously for more than 10 minutes. Follow all safety instructions provided with the device and use common sense to avoid injury or damage. 



Power voltage: 110-240vac 50 / 60Hz
Power: 0-120w
Lightning length: 8-19cm (adjustable by knob)
Host size: 186 * 106 * 58mm
package weight:950g
package size:21x15x13cm


Package List:

1xMusic Coil
4xLamp beads




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